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Research Resources

Where do leaders in industry and government learn about what influences future economic prosperity and sustainable social improvement? There are virtual forums and prestigious place-based events. There are statistics, curricula and best practices for you to guide your students. There are gurus, and experts, and organizations - all willing to share their data and insight with you. Who says “research” is dull? No one looking at these resources! Whether you are a WorldSkills Competitor wondering “what’s next” or an educator wondering “what’s new”, or an industry/government leader wondering “what do I need”… this is the place to look. 

WorldSkills will be the “go to” place for you to learn about data and trends in skills-related information and news about the sectors of skills and the demand for skills in the future nationally and globally.  Facts, figures, activities, and best practices - we will share all of these as we research. These resources will augment what you are doing already. Think about helping us create an even richer set of resources to help millions of students, educators and developers of the workforce worldwide.