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Skills For All: Painter Shan-Shin, Chinese Taipei

8 March 2017

The can-do mindset of National Skills champion Shan-Shin is an example to others – as she teaches them how positivity leads to potential being realized.

Shan-Shin participated in Chinese Taipei’s National Skills Competition in 1997 and emerged with a Medallion for Excellence in Painting. Now she works as the Director of Student Affairs at an industrial high school in her home country, where she is keen to emphasize to female students that qualities associated with their gender, make them perfectly-equipped to succeed in the world of work.

Her successful competition experience, however, demonstrated how women can also defy stereotypes that may lead some people to question their capabilities in demanding roles. “Physical strength was the biggest test – the painting schedule covered 22 hours over three days,” she said. “But I secured a good result on behalf of my country.”

That country, she says, is one where gender equality is “deeply rooted” and the concept of traditional ‘male’ careers in Chinese Taipei is slowly dissolving. “There are women at my school who are teaching in the automotive, mechanical, and electrical sectors, for example,” she explained. “I am pleased to be able to pass on my knowledge and help students to learn a skill.”

“Physically, women and men may differ, but women have qualities such as their attention to detail, their thoughtfulness, and their carefulness, that men may lack. I hope women will take the opportunity to learn everything they can so they do not limit their path – and through WorldSkills, and its focus on gender equality, they can explore their own interests and reach their full potential.”

WorldSkills is recognizing skilled women around the globe in celebration of International Women’s Day, 8 March. Join us in supporting HeForShe – a solidarity movement for gender equality, led by the United Nations.

Take the HeForShe pledge, by signing at, and acknowledge that you are “one of billions… who believe that everyone is born free and equal”, and that you “will take action against gender bias, discrimination and violence to bring the benefits of equality to us all.”