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International Cooperation and Development Resources

WorldSkills believes that innovation, skills development, and social responsibility have made the world the amazing place it is today. To elevate the level on which we all live, work and play as global citizens in a shrinking world, it takes the combined efforts of us all. Just as we say the “rising tide lifts all boats”, we want to come share best practices. We want to influence and improve education and training agendas on a national and global basis to increase understanding of the relevance and importance of skills education and training - not only for national economic productivity, but also and most important for global wellbeing.  

Here, you can learn how to join with others collaborating to ensure and sustain a positive future. Help WorldSkills impact national and global agendas, publish information to inform policy and education/training issues, and create partnerships with like-minded organizations. Here are references; let us know what you think about how you want to connect and what you recommend WorldSkills do to provide a place and platform where we can make a difference.