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WorldSkills Leaders Forum 2012

WorldSkills International - Sharing Success

Byeong Yeon Bae and Jeong Pyo Gong from Korea, winners of the 2011 Albert Vidal Award

Targeted specifically at our Official Delegates, Technical Delegates and Korean hosts, the theme and content of the WorldSkills Leaders Forum 2012 was based around sharing success and learning from the best.

What is the definition of success? Is it a positive Competition experience? Is it leaving a lasting legacy for a WorldSkills Competition host? Is success defined for a young person as having competed in a WorldSkills Competition or is it becoming active in an alumni association and passing on knowledge to future Competitors? What ‘best practices’ must be in place to help make industry, governments and training organisations successful? Success can be broadly defined and can mean different things to different people and organisations. As part of the Action Plan 2012-2015, WorldSkills International will create opportunities for Members and stakeholders to share their successes that will enable all who are part of the WorldSkills movement to build capacity and become more successful as a result.

The WorldSkills Leaders Forum 2012 welcomed a number of keynote speakers who shared what success means to their organisations, past, present and future. This was particularly pertinent as the General Assembly will be ratifying the Action Plan 2012-2015 and will be defining what success looks like for Members of WorldSkills International, stakeholders, and the wider community involved in Vocational Education and Training.

Date and venue

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 
Halla Hall, 5th Floor, Hotel Shilla, Jeju, Korea
8.45 a.m.–12.15 p.m. followed by WSLF Luncheon
Participants: All GA2012 participants + Korean guests 
Language: English & Korean (simultaneous interpretation provided).

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