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Multiple Assessment Pathways Project

At the Global Sklills Marketplace on September 2, 2009, the Industry Training Authority (ITA) of British Columbia, Canada will discuss their efforts to develop alternative methods for assessing skilled individuals seeking certification in their trade.

Currently in the province of British Columbia, assessments can be done only through written exams, which may present a barrier to some individuals reaching their full potential and achieving certification.

The ITA has developed an assessment model based on international best practices proven to be effective at recognising skills of individual that may not have gone through formal apprenticeship training programs. The workshop will focus on how the apprenticeship system can do a better job of recognizing individuals with existing skills, a key feature of any system operating effectively in the current global environment.

This initiative is currently being developed into a pilot project for the cook program in British Columbia, with the hope that if successful it could be incorporated in to other trades.