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WorldSkills Conference 2017

Skills strategies for a globalized world

Skills for a new and transforming economy: response

17 October 2017 at 11:00 in Conference Room B

In partnership with WorldSkills Kazan 2019

Building upon the challenges identified in the session on the demands of the new and transforming economy, this discussion will centre on solutions for skills development. Questions to be addressed include: should new training formats and programmes be considered? Should school curricula and qualifications change to better prepare future skilled workers? And what role may new technologies have in the delivery of future training programmes? The group discussions will be organized by region to allow discussion of solutions and best practices in local markets.


Pavel Luksha (Moderator), CEO, Global Education Futures

Georgette Yakan (Moderator), Founding researcher and creator of STEAM education,

Olivier Crouzet (Moderator), Head of Pedagogy – 42,

Dr. Ernst Andreas Hartmann, Director, Institute for Innovation and Technology

Dr. Andrew Van Schaack, Associate Dean, Online Programs, Vanderbilt University

John Schwartz, Head of Enterprise Business Development at edX., edX