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WorldSkills Conference 2017

Skills strategies for a globalized world

Skills and Careers without Borders – Second session: Towards new coordination and governance approaches

17 October 2017 at 09:15 in Conference Room A

In partnership with the European Commission, and the European Training Foundation (ETF)

In a globalized world, where skills know no borders, how can education and training providers respond to changing skills demands? In the second session on this subject, a panel will ask how international standards and requirements influence national education and training provisions. They will discuss also what kind of cooperation and coordination mechanisms will be required in the future, including an assessment of how vocational education and training providers can improve dialogue with national and international employers.


Cesare Onestini (Moderator), Director, ETF

Osman Yildiz, Secretary General, HAKIS, Trade Union representative, Turkey

Rodion Kolyshko, Deputy Director General, Confederation of Employers of Ukraine

Luisa Coutinho, Executive Director, International Welding Federation