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WorldSkills Conference 2017

Skills strategies for a globalized world

Skills and Careers without Borders – First session: Identification of changing skills demands

16 October 2017 at 15:30 in Conference Room A

In partnership with the European Commission and Cedefop

The globalization of skills and careers is one of the most pressing challenges to national education and training systems. Technologies, companies, and markets are no longer limited by borders, and the workforce is increasingly mobile both physically and digitally. In the first of three sessions organized by the European Commission, the focus is on skills anticipation and development in a global context, and how education and training can respond to rapidly changing demands. The panel will also address how an ever more global labour market influences skills needs.


James Calleja (Moderator), Director, Cedefop

Joyce Bijl, Managing Director of Adecco Middle East, Adecco

Margarida Segard, Vice-President, EVBB

Peter Thiele, Deputy Director, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Martha Schultz, Vice-President, Eurochambres and of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber