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WorldSkills Conference 2017

Skills strategies for a globalized world

Jobs and Skills mismatch

16 October 2017 at 13:30 in Conference Room A

In partnership with ILO

Why does global unemployment remain persistently high, when so many roles are unfilled? This session will examine the impact of skills mismatch on labour markets. In a far-reaching assessment, the role of low quality education, demographic change, rapid technological development, new sources of job creation, and newly created forms of work organization will be discussed. This will be done through the prism of an overview of jobs and skills mismatch research, as well as an examination of policy gaps.


Paul Comyn (Moderator), Senior Skills & Employability Specialist, ILO

Seamus McGuinness, Professor, Economic and Social Research Institute, Ireland

Anna Byhovskaya, , TUAC France

Mannie Nazrene, , Business Unity South Africa

Sunita Sanghi, , NITI Aayog India

Olga Strietska-Ilina, Skills & Employability Specialist, ILO