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WorldSkills Champions Trust

About the Champions Trust

The WorldSkills Champions Trust (WSCT) is a group of nine Champions working together to help bridge the gap between Champions and WorldSkills beyond the Competition.

The initiative was developed by Champions for Champions at the WorldSkills Champions Forum 2014 in Lucerne, Switzerland. Their idea was to establish an advisory group to works closely throughout the year with WorldSkills.

This group works to help raise levels of engagement amongst WorldSkills Champions and promote active involvement in WorldSkills and WorldSkills Foundation projects, initiatives and activities.

Apply for the Champions Trust

Representatives of the Champions Trust

Anna Prokopenia
Member: Russia
Skill: Pâtisserie and Confectionery
WorldSkills São Paulo 2015
Europe Skill: Pâtisserie and Confectionery
WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Barthélémy Deutsch
Member: Belgium
Skill: Restaurant Service
WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

Chirag Goel
Member: India
Skill: Web Design
WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Gary Condon
Member: Ireland
Skill: Plastering and Drywall Systems
WorldSkills London 2011
Asia (living in UAE)

Jenica Branscombe
Member: Canada
Skill: Beauty Therapy
WorldSkills London 2011

Rachel Chloe Chua
Member: Singapore
Skill: Caring
WorldSkills London 2011
ASEAN and Oceania

Ricardo Vivian
Member: Brazil
Skill: Graphic Design Technology
WorldSkills Leipzig 2013
Americas (Returning Representative)

Tayla Schou
Member: South Africa
Skill: Cooking
WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

Victor Simon
Member: France
Skill: Manufacturing Team Challenge
WorldSkills Leipzig 2013
Europe (Returning Representative)


Promoting opportunities for active engagement beyond the Competition.


Increasing communication and engagement between Champions and WorldSkills to develop a sustainable future, share our treasure, tell our stories, and expand the movement.

Mission explained

  • Increase communication between WorldSkills and Champions. The WSCT will become the direct and relevant line of communication between global Champions and WorldSkills. The WSCT will have a direct connection to WorldSkills and will be able to communicate information to Champions in a more relatable way.
  • Develop a sustainable future for WorldSkills, the WSCT, and the world. The WSCT will work to ensure WorldSkills is meeting the needs of future and current Champions. They will work to ensure their strategy stays relevant to the needs of Champions and WorldSkills. They will also seek out and propose project ideas to the WorldSkills Foundation to help developing countries and regions through the power of skills.
  • Share our treasure – our skills, experiences, and ideas.
  • Tell our stories – be the heroes and role models for the younger generation looking to choose a career path. We will explain our journey, where we are today, and where we plan on being in the future.
  • Expand the movement, striving to increase the visibility of WorldSkills and the WorldSkills Competition globally.

How can you become a part of the WSCT?

The current representatives on the WSCT will serve from 2015 – 2017. An opportunity for Champions to apply for the WSCT will be released after WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017.

For additional information contact Alex Musial,

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