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Youth Forum 2008 - Topics


Once the topics for the Youth Forum were developed, we wanted to graphically demonstrate what each of the topics represents. Taking the WorldSkills International “hand” symbol, which symbolises the youth of all countries, reaching out for new skills, we have created six images that represent the key topic areas. Our goal is to create an atmosphere,that encourages the Youth Forum Delegates to think outside the box and to stimulate discussion and debate.

Topic A: Almost famous?

How can we make WorldSkills sexy?

fa·mous [fey-muhs] - adjective

  • How can the Competition be more media friendly and better engage the public visitors?

Audience: The fame seekers



Topic B: Knowledge is power.

Wish you knew then, what you know now? 

know-ledge /know-ledge [nol-ij] - noun

  • Pass on your experience and knowledge by changing the experience for future Champions.

Audience: Wise Old Owls



Topic C: Connecting the dots

So many Competitions, so little time. 

Con-nect-ing [kə-někt'-ing] - adjective

  • How to link all levels of Competition - from local to International, and everything in between.

Audience: Globetrotters



Topic D: Talkin ‘bout a revolution... 

Life beyond the Competition.

rev·o·lu·tion [rev-uh-loo-shuhn] - noun

  • How can youth stay involved with the WorldSkills movement, on all levels.

Audience: Leaders of the pack



Topic E: The lean, green WorldSkills machine. 

WorldSkills is going green.

green / [grin] - noun, verb

  • Help WorldSkills reduce wastage, use more recyclable goods, increase sustainability and leave a legacy.
Audience: Tree huggers


Topic F: IT's the future

Let's talk about tech, baby.

Fu-ture / [fyoo-cher] - noun

  • How do we use the WorldSkills International IT resources to promote and communicate more effectively within the WorldSkills Family and beyond? 

Audience: Networkers