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Champions Forum 2014

WorldSkills 51: Engaging Champions Beyond the Competition

14–19 September, 2014
Lucerne, Switzerland

The WSCF 2014 programme took Champions through a series of facilitated sessions and group work activities to discuss ways in which they can stay involved with WorldSkills throughout the year, especially the 51 weeks outside of the Competition or Champions Forum. With this programme, we accomplished four main goals:

  • Establish what is the best way to keep Champions engaged at all levels of WorldSkills to the mutual Benefit of the Champions, Members and WorldSkills.
  • Help develop skills Champions can use to further their careers.
  • Provide Champions with skills and knowledge to become an active ambassador for WorldSkills and their Member country/region.
  • Ensure Champions are versed in and ready to spread WorldSkills key messages.

 Watch video of the presentation
 Watch closing video

 Champions Forum presentation