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Inspiring action and increasing awareness of social entrepreneurship using the power of skills.

About the project

The BeChangeMaker (BCM) is a series of online social entrepreneurial skill training projects that enable youth with skills and great ideas to explore their career potential as a social entrepreneur. WorldSkills International and the HP Foundation have created this pilot to inspire action and increase awareness of social entrepreneurship using the largest platform of skills excellence and development in the world. The BCM encourages the WorldSkills Champions to team up with other talented and like-minded young people from their own communities to co-learn virtually and co-create locally.

Through the online courses offered on HP LIFE, virtual mentorship, webinars, and online pitch competitions, participants will explore their interest in social entrepreneurship, identify social issues in their communities, design solutions/social venture ideas, and test their scalability.

Three top teams will be chosen at the end of the project to receive seed funding which includes further training by business incubators/accelerators in their own countries to support post-project development. In the period of three-six months after the project, the team that has proven to have made the most progress will receive additional resources and opportunities to bring their business idea closer to reality.

What is social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurs use innovative and market-based solutions to address social, cultural, economic, health, educational, and environmental problems. The solutions can be a new product, a service, or an approach to solve these challenges. Social entrepreneurs exist primarily to provide solutions for social issues and use business approaches that work financially. Social enterprises are different from traditional enterprises in that their key focus is to bring and reinforce positive impact by using their profits.

Who can join?

You are between 18 and 30 years old.

You are going through or have finished vocational education and training or colleges/universities.

You want to develop your career as an entrepreneur, while creating social impact in your community and the world with the power of skills. 

How to join?

Stage 1 of this project will prepare you to officially join the BeChangeMaker. The overall timeline of this project will be published soon.

  • First Sign up on HP LIFE and enrol in the course of social entrepreneurship to gain a basic understanding.
  • Understand the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and choose a social issue your community is facing that is also affecting other communities around the world.
  • Find one to a maximum of four other team mates from your community, who are also eligible to participate and can contribute with their skills.
  • Fill out the application form (PDF) and record a one-minute team video. Upload your video as unlisted to YouTube.  
  • To join the BeChangeMaker, send your completed application form to by 7 July 2017.
  • Can’t find a team mate? Contact us and we will try our best to match you with someone who is geographically close to you.
  • Please read the official rules of the BeChangeMaker (PDF) carefully before submitting your application form. 
  • Help us share the application info of this great project with your network and friends who are eligible to join!

your bechangemaker journey

Interested in becoming a Change Maker? Take a journey and see how it works! The overall timeline of this project will be published soon. 


Stage 1: Explore social issues,
form a team,
and join the race

Show details

  • Explore what it means to be a social entrepreneur on HP LIFE.
  • Understand the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and brainstorm on the social issues you want tackle. Discover what solutions are out there – what’s working and what’s not.
  • Submit your research about the selected social challenge (one page) and certificate of completing the course of “Social Entrepreneurship” from HP LIFE by 31 July.
  • Download the programme and assignment guide (PDF) for more details.




Stage 2: Design for your

Show details

  • Apply design thinking process to find a solution to the social issue, create a prototype, and test (HP LIFE).
  • Watch the design thinking webinar.
  • Use business planning tool on HP LIFE to create business model and test financial feasibility.
  • Learn about basics of finance (HP LIFE).
  • Get to know about setting prices (HP LIFE).
  • Learn about unique value proposition (HP LIFE).
  • Talk to your mentor.
  • Submit your assignment by 28 August.
  • Join the first online pitch competition on 31 August.
  • Public voting 4-6 September.
  • Result to be announced.
  • Download the programme and assignment guide for more details. 




Stage 3: Bring your idea
to market

Show details

  • Learn how to market on social media (HP LIFE).
  • Explore sources for funding (HP LIFE).
  • Watch the crowdfunding webinar.
  • Talk to your mentor.
  • Watch the business growth and scalability webinar.
  • Submit your assignment by 26 September.
  • Join the last online pitch competition on 29 September.
  • Public voting 3-5 October. 
  • Result to be announced.
  • Download the programme and assignment guide for more details. 



Key online courses

These courses from HP LIFE are selected for the purpose of the BeChangeMaker, and they are mandatory for the participants.

Social entrepreneurship

The course provides information on how to build a financially sound business idea for a community problem.

Design thinking

The course is an introduction to design thinking, a process that enables users to identify and understand problems, then ideate, prototype, and test new products or services to solve the problem.

Basics of finance

The course covers key expense types (start-up, fixed, variable), how these expenses affect profits and how to calculate the break-even point. Break-even point can be used to test the financial feasibility of a product or service.


Setting prices

The course explores how to price products or services effectively including what variables to consider and common mistakes when setting prices for a product or service.

Unique value proposition

The course uses customer reviews of a business and its competition to help pinpoint the business’s unique value.

Social media marketing

The course covers social media marketing principles and how to create an effective and inexpensive social media campaign to reach target customers.


Finding funding

The course explores different funding sources, guidance on selecting the best funding source to match the business needs and what to consider before applying for funding.


Design Thinking
Watch on YouTube

Design thinking is a process to help you ideate and prototype new products and services. This webinar will focus on customer empathy and research, the first phase of design thinking.

Read more…

Watch on YouTube

This webinar explores the potential of crowdfunding to empower entrepreneurs with both financial capital and social capital. Learn about the different types of crowdfunding options, debt, perks and equity, and how to make your crowdfunding campaign successful. 

Read more…

Business Growth and Scalability
Watch on YouTube

One of the main reasons why startups fail is because their growth engines don´t work properly. To succeed as a startup can be hard, but it was never easier done than today.

Read more…

Meet the teams



Communities in Mexico are facing challenges of decent and affordable housing. Team T-Chán from Mexico wants to improve the lives of people in their communities and beyond through design, collaboration, and creativity. Being part of BeChangeMaker and learning about social entrepreneurship are the first step for them to achieve their goals.

Welcome Jacqueline, Brenda, Cristobal, Maravilla, and Itzel!



From Colombia, Team Organdí believes that the first step to create a fair, inclusive, and peaceful society is to achieve gender equality in all areas. Through BeChangeMaker, Team Organdí wants to learn how to organize, manage, and run a social enterprise for providing innovation that promotes gender equality.

Welcome Miyerlandy and Mónica!



From South Africa, Team Canvas is determined to improve the condition of people who live in poverty, especially the homeless in their hometown. With extensive experience in humanitarian programmes and film production, Team Canvas wants to create sustainable solutions that will help the people in their community through BeChangeMaker.

Welcome Rean and Dietmar!

Sci-Kid Hub


Meet Team Sci-Kid Hub from Mexico who wants to influence the next generation by providing quality education in science and entrepreneurship in their community. They believe children have the potential to learn great skills and bring positive impact to their society. 

Welcome Alonso and Mariana!



Team Bezaleel from Nigeria understands the risks and social issues associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes in their community. By joining BeChangeMaker, Team Bezaleel wants to explore ways to reduce the negative impact of these diseases on families, economy, and the overall healthcare system. 

Welcome Chinenye, Vinent, Ijeoma, Mclaurin!



Food scarcity still remains as a major issue in Indonesia in several places though 40% of its population is farmers. With the goal to improve the quality of life and the health of people, Team Terracotta from Indonesia is creating innovative solutions through BeChangeMaker to help fulfill society's demand for rice. 

Welcome Muhammad, Triana, and Elsanyn!


After witnessing the impact of food waste and food deficit in several countries, Team Life-Planter from Mexico has joined BeChagneMaker to develop social innovation for creating a business that will help improve the status quo. 

Welcome José, Jorge, and Alma!



From Brazil, Team D-20 recognizes the importance of achieving gender equality in their country. Given the recently established law in dealing with domestic violence against women, Team D-20 wants to develop ideas that will support women in Brazil and around the world. 

Welcome  Tiago, Clenisson, and Luana!



With their passion for promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns, Team EcoRus has joined BeChangeMaker to find ways that will help increase the awareness of reducing waste and the importance of responsible consumption. The team is made up of Denis from Russia and Paul from Nigeria – we are happy to see that they have joined forces for a common goal.

Welcome Denis and Paul! 


Find the social issues that you care about –
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

193 world leaders agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – also known as the Global Goals – in September 2015. The commitment is to achieve these goals by 2030 with governments’ support and most importantly – everyone’s action and effort. Understand the Global Goals and see how these reflect the social issues faced in your community and think about what you can do to contribute to the shared global challenges in your own way as a Change Maker. Explore are some examples of social entrepreneurs who dedicate their work to help achieve the SDGs.

Global Goals






Grace Lung 
Partnership and Projects Manager, WorldSkills International 




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