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Building homes and commercial projects to the highest standards of safety, accuracy, and skill.

Bricklaying could be for you if you like:

  • Complex problems
  • Making things
  • Using tools

More about Bricklaying

Bricklaying is a skill that can be said to be the building block of much of our world. The bricklayer works on everything from our homes to commercial buildings and the walls that surround them.

It is an occupation that requires an ability to follow building design plans precisely through measuring and then constructing in strict accordance with the architect’s plans and local government regulations. It is equally important to execute those plans with high quality professional bricklaying skills.

Bricklaying in action

Revent medallists in Bricklaying

WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

  • Photo of Zhibin Liang

    Zhibin Liang


  • Photo of Robert Gradl

    Robert Gradl


  • Photo of Trystan Sammut

    Trystan Sammut


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