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Graphic Design Technology

Combining the skills of design, art, typography, typesetting, illustration, printing, and publishing to create graphic designs for both online and printed publications.

Graphic Design Technology could be for you if you like:

  • Being creative
  • Complex problems
  • Using computers

Why choose this skill?

Learning skills has changed my whole story. Thanks to my skills and my experience in WorldSkills, I received many job offers and through these jobs I became a better professional and person.
— Ricardo Vivian, Competitor at WorldSkills Leipzig 2013

More about this skill

Graphic Design Technology can employ a variety of specialists within a single team, which might include a graphic designer, graphic artist, prepress operator, typographer, typesetter, type designer, image manipulation specialist, illustrator, art director, production manager, digital printer, information designer, publisher, or packaging specialist.

They work closely with clients from the research and planning stage, through all aspects of the production and printing process, to create a strong visual identity.


WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

  • Photo of YU-ZHEN HUANG


    Chinese Taipei

  • Photo of Yuezhi Fang

    Yuezhi Fang


  • Photo of Deborah Psenner

    Deborah Psenner

    South Tyrol, Italy

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Standards Specification

The WorldSkills Standards Specification specifies the knowledge, understanding and specific skills that underpin international best practice in technical and vocational performance. It should reflect a shared global understanding of what the associated work role(s) or occupation(s) represent for industry and business.