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How to find photos

Photos from all official WorldSkills events can be found on our Flickr page Photos on Flickr are organized in albums and collections. To get an overview of all collections click on the three round dots on the right hand side and select Collections from the dropdown.

You can then browse through the different collections down to the albums. Collections are structured as follows: On the first level you will find the Competitions, Highlights, Foundation photos as well as a collection called Events. All photos from the GA, the Leaders Forum and the Champions Forum are inside the Events collection.

  • WorldSkills Highlights
  • WorldSkills Foundation
  • Leipzig, 2013 (WSC2013)
  • London, 2011 (WSC2011)
  • Events
    • General Assembly
      • Lucerne, 2014 (GA2014)
      • Jeju, 2012 (GA2012)
    • Leaders Forum
      • Winterthur 2014 (WSLF2014)
      • Leipzig 2013 (WSLF2013)
    • Champions Forum
      • Lucerne, 2014 (WSCF2014)
      • Jeju, 2012 (WSCF2012)

Download an individual photo

To download a photo in high resolution, click on the photo on an album page to get to the photo's detail page. Click then on the arrow pointing down in the lower right corner to get a dropdown with different sizes of the photo. For the best quality we recommend you always download the Original size.

Hint: Downloading an entire album is not easily possible at the moment, however you can try to use a software like Downloadair. Alternatively Members can write an email to with a link of the desired Flickr album and we will prepare a ZIP file with all photos for download.

Photo search tips

To search for a specific photos use the search field on the top right of the page. Type your search query (e.g. WSC2013) and instead of hitting Enter, click on WorldSkills’ Photostream in the dropdown.

Photos from WSC2013 will then be displayed and you can further define your search by adding more keywords separated by a space in the search field in the top right and hitting Enter.

Tip: Click on Relevant at the Sort order in the top left and select Interesting to get more powerful photos listed first.

To search for photos from a Member country/region enter “WSC2013” then the Member name:

  • WSC2011 Austria
  • WSC2011 Hong Kong
  • WSC2011 United Arab Emirates

To search for a Competitor enter “WSC2011 Competitor” and then the Member name:

  • WSC2011 Competitor Australia
  • WSC2011 Competitor Oman
  • WSC2011 Competitor United Kingdom

You can also search for Competitors by their name:

  • WSC2011 Ruaraidh Andrew

To search for photos from a Skill:

  • WSC2011 Welding
  • WSC2011 Landscape Gardening