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WorldSkills 2007 is officially open

5 March 2008


On Wednesday, November 14th, the 39th WorldSkills Competition (WSC) and 7th International Abilympics (IA) kicked off with a bang at Granship in Shizuoka City. The event was a combination of cultural exchange and national pride for the numerous teams marching in.

With the Crown Prince in attendance, the event showcased Competitors from both the WSC and IA marching across the stage of the main hall of Granship, representing 61 countries/regions in total. The excitement level was high and you could feel the mix of emotions in the atmosphere of the Competitors who were anxiously looking forward to the days of Competition to follow. After the in march the Competitors took their seats and were addressed by several dignitaries including the Crown Prince.

Three Competitors and 3 Experts from the WSC were given the opportunity to represent the rest of the Competitors and Experts and take the Oath of integrity, impartiality, transparency and fairness. After the Opening Ceremony, the Competitors moved to an Exchange Reception, where Competitors from both Competitions and from all the countries/regions gathered together to share stories of their journey, their homes and themselves.

The Competitors enjoyed the night and were also finishing their mental preparation for the big days to come. The 39th WorldSkills Competition is officially open!

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