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4 July 2007

Team Sweden for WorldSkills Competition in Japan 2007

SE_home.jpgBy: Youth Skills Sweden

First step!
Swedish Skills Championships, established 2004, now take place every second year. The championships are qualifiers for the WorldSkills Competition. Swedish Skills Championships were held in Göteborg, May 17-20 2006, and 360 young people participated in more than 40 skills. This resulted in a Swedish team for Japan consisting of 32 competitors in 29 skills - the biggest Swedish team ever! The next Swedish Skills Championships will be held in Jönköping in May 2008, qualifying for Calgary 2009.

Second step!
SE_1.jpgTo prepare the Swedish competitors in the best way possible, Youth Skills Sweden organises three meetings with experts, competitors and team leaders. These meetings take place in March, June and September 2007. These meetings concentrate on teambuilding activities, practical information, media training and information from our sponsors. During the autumn of 2007 a press tour will be arranged with meetings all over the country.

Third step - the Competition!
In 1995 the first Swedish national team was formed. It was time to challenge the rest of the world who had been competing since the 50´s. This team consisted of 9 young people competing in 9 skills - today the number has increased considerably! (see above). In Helsinki, Sweden was awarded six medals - one gold (Industrial Control), four silver (Transport Technology, Floristry, Telecommunication and Forest Machinery) and one bronze (Metal Roofing). In Japan our goal is to be among the top 10 countries.

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