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Studica joins WorldSkills as a Global Partner

13 October 2017

Robotics development and STEM company Studica has joined forces with WorldSkills International to become its latest global partner, joining a group of international industry partners whose goal is to improve the world through the power of skills.

For over 30 years, Studica has provided the leadership and solutions for leading edge technology companies and schools throughout the world, and as a company focused on emerging skills and technologies with an emphasis on skills and training, it will now bring its expertise in robotics development and STEM to WSI's global vocational skills movement.

Frank Nanfara, CEO and President of Studica Limited, said partnering with WorldSkills makes strategic sense for the company, and that the move represents another step in the company's mission to nurture the skilled workers of tomorrow. 

"We feel that it is important to partner with other leading-edge companies to supply products, training and support to schools, to help them move into new technologies,” he explained. "At the rate in which technology changes, it is understandable then to assume there will be a need for a workforce that can quickly and effectively take on new skills.

“In the future, we will be in need of creative people to decipher ways to apply new technology and create new products and services.”

Mr Nanfara, the co-founder of Studica, explained the relationship between his company and WorldSkills stems back years.

"In late 2014, we were asked if we would be interested in partnering with WorldSkills and WorldSkills Brazil to sponsor, supply robotics material, and support the Mobile Robotics Competition," he said. "We accepted and, after a successful event in Sao Paulo, we have decided to continue on a global scale.” 

“Studica has been a great asset in developing the Skill Mobile Robotics to industry standards. We are pleased to have Studica with us as a Global Industry Partner in this field, especially since technology is moving fast. With Studica’s support on a global scale we can guarantee that all WorldSkills Members and Competitors can test and assess at the highest possible levels and with latest technologies”, said Alexander Amiri, Director of Sponsorship and Partnership, WorldSkills International.

Frank Nanfara added, "we felt that, by taking an active role, we could ensure that through the distinctive Studica Robotics Platform, we can enhance the skills of all participants.”

Through the new partnership, Studica will be supporting Competitors in the Mobile Robotics Competition at the forthcoming WorldSkills Competitions until 2021, supplying robotic kits to all competing teams.

"Creativity will become one of the top three skills workers will need, and participating in Mobile Robotics provides students with an edge in becoming more creative and for countries in becoming more competitive ,” explained Mr Nanfara. “An overlap of skill sets is also important.”

"Studica wants to help to inspire young people to pursue a career in science, technology engineering and  math, and develop the next generation of talent. With WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 being our second international event, we have been able to supply an enhanced product and provide more support, to ensure the event will be even more successful than São Paulo, after which we will strive to continue to improve for 2019 and beyond. This includes the development of tailored resources and trained mentors for all Competitors."

Mr Nanfara said that the continuing growth of Mobile Robotics means participants from countries competing in WorldSkills will need assistance in setting up local competitions and events, saying, "We plan to create more training material and provide more assistance to help all Members to expand the Mobile Robotics Competition, so that every school in each county will have a chance to participate.”  

“Member countries need to do more to expand WorldSkills Mobile Robotics to as many schools as possible and give more students the opportunity to participate and experience what many are experiencing today."

Mr Nanfara said competitions such as WorldSkills Mobile Robotics offer an opportunity for students to gain experience, showcase skills, analyse and evaluate outcomes, and unlock their personal aptitude, while being encouraged to adopt innovative techniques and develop their ideas and skills.

"Skills are developed at a more rapid rate through competitions while students are engaged in enhanced training that will allow them to meet professional and industry standards,” said Mr Nanfara. "There are, of course, considerable career benefits for Competitors. 

"When we first began our business, we were serving both education and industry, and immediately understood that there was an opportunity and a need to develop STEM skills in students. We began to use our expertise to develop solutions and programs to bridge the gap in products and training for students. These tailored resources enable us to encourage more students to think about careers in robotics and the STEM related fields of the future.”