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Meet the Champions Trust - Jenica Branscombe

8 March 2016

Over the next nine weeks each of the nine representatives of the WorldSkills Champions Trust, will be introduced. Each has an inspiring story to tell as Champions excited to bridge the gap between Champions and WorldSkills beyond the Competition.

After competing in Beauty Therapy at WorldSkills London 2011, Jenica Branscombe was eager to stay engaged with WorldSkills. Now as a member of the Champions Trust Jenica says she “wants to make a difference in the world for future Competitors, existing Competitors, and for younger generations. I want to be part of the WorldSkills movement to make this world a better place through the power of skills.”

Riverview, New Brunswick, Canada is the hometown for this ambitious self-employed Beauty Therapist. She is a small town sporty girl who surprised everyone when she decided to take beauty therapy after graduating school. Her training for WorldSkills elevated her confidence in her skills which eventually led to her earning bronze medal at WorldSkills London 2011.

“I had little confidence in myself and in my skills until I had the honour of representing my country at WorldSkills London 2011. Being amongst the best in the world and competing against them showed me I am good at what I do. Just because I am sporty and athletic at heart doesn’t change the fact that I am a WorldSkills bronze Medalist.”

When asked what WorldSkills means to her Jenica said, “WorldSkills is a platform for greatness. WorldSkills is a match that ignites the flame of inspiration and motivation. WorldSkills is a powerful movement aiming to change the world for the better through the power of skills. Most of all, WorldSkills is a family and a community.”