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28 June 2017

WorldSkills Global Partner Autodesk gives Competitors access to free software

Competitors and mentors taking part in WorldSkills Competitions are being offered free access to software that can help them boost their performance.

International software company Autodesk® – a WorldSkills Global Partner – has illustrated its goal of helping students hone their workplace skills and competencies by giving WorldSkills participants a hi-tech chance to expand their technical abilities and prepare for upcoming events.


Autodesk provides free download access to popular products like Autodesk Inventor®, Fusion 360™, Maya®, 3ds Max®, Revit®, and AutoCAD® software for all Competitors and educational institutions associated with WorldSkills. Competitors can also access a wide range of tutorials and projects, specifically created to prepare them for WorldSkills Competitions and based on real competition tasks they can expect to encounter in the biggest vocational education and skills events in the world. 

"Autodesk is honoured to provide software and learning resources to the Competitors,” said Matthew Bell, Autodesk Global Strategic Partnerships Manager and a former WorldSkills Expert. "It is inspiring to watch students and young professionals develop the critical technology skills they will need to help them excel in the workforce and ultimately create a better world.”

“We are especially excited about offering access to Fusion 360,” said Mr Bell. “It is an innovative product that brings all elements of design, simulation, rendering, and manufacturing into a single experience. It is the first CAD, CAM, and CAE tool of its kind.”

Autodesk is a world leader in the field of design and is committed to helping young people unleash their creativity while supporting learning inside and outside the classroom. A long-standing Global Partner of WorldSkills, Autodesk supports young people in their development of the STEM skills that will illuminate a pathway to future careers. 

"Through our partnerships, Autodesk helps participants build skills that will guide them through school and on through their careers,” said Mr Bell. "Autodesk is dedicated to preparing design and engineering students worldwide for the jobs of tomorrow.”

Autodesk provides a multitude of opportunities for students to learn, gain valuable skills, and join a community of like-minded designers and engineers. Autodesk Design Academy is an online resource which offers free, project-based learning content and resources. It also is continually updated with inspiring articles and blog posts so readers stay abreast of exciting trends in academia and industry. 

Another way for students to get ahead is through accredited certification on Autodesk products. "When competition for jobs and college placement is tough, certification on a resume, CV, or a college application shows you take your skills development seriously,” explained Mr Bell. "Autodesk certifications validate skills and knowledge in Autodesk products.”

Students can also join the Autodesk Student Expert Network, a community of active fans of the company’s technology who are passionate about design and engineering. Experts connect with like-minded peers and lead others through activities and campus events. 

"Student Experts are given opportunities to network with industry professionals and showcase skills, helping to improve career opportunities,” said Mr Bell.

To learn more about the products and programs outlined above, and to access the tools created for this partnership, visit Students and educators can individually download Autodesk software from the Autodesk Education Community at