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4 July 2007

Estonia Becomes the 47th Member of WorldSkills International

During the last WorldSkills Competition in Helsinki Finland in 2005, Estonia was able to send over some observers to really understand and see the WorldSkills movement in action. Since the WSC is hard to explain, seeing is believing. The chance to actually observe the WorldSkills Competition gave them the understanding of the magnitude and possibilities of the WorldSkills movement. Since then, they have been working with WorldSkills International to find out how to become Members. 

Through the Foundation for Lifelong Learning Development Innove, Estonia has recently been accepted as a Member of WorldSkills International through the Executive Board Meeting in January 2007. As part of their Membership application they talk about the importance of vocational education training in Estonia. “A highly skilled labour force has become a decisive factor in influencing the ultimate survival and competitiveness of Estonian enterprises within the global economy. In a rapidly changing world of work, young people and adults have to make informed choices about choosing or changing careers, obtaining relevant knowledge and experience to be successful in the labour market. Foundation Innove was established to promote initiatives and activities of lifelong learning through Estonian and EU programmes in the area of human resources development. The mission of Foundation of Lifelong Learning Development Innove is to offer experience, advice and support to the organisations providing vocational education and training, lifelong learning, and the learning members of society.”

Interestingly, Estonia has been holding Skills Competitions in their region for numerous years. The first competition was a farming competition in 1993. Every year since they have continued to host Skills Competitions and have kept adding new skills. They have held competitions in 23 different skilled areas throughout the past 13 years. With their previous experience and their link to the vocational education and training in Estonia, they bring a lot of expertise and knowledge to the WorldSkills movement.

Please join us in welcoming Estonia to the WorldSkills International!

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