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BeChangeMakers Enter Phase Two of their Social Entrepreneurship Development

Aspiring social entrepreneurs from around the world have faced down some of society’s greatest challenges through an online initiative inspiring them to be global agents of change – and revealed how it is changing their lives, their worldviews, and their horizons.

Seven teams of young people took part in stage two of the BeChangeMaker, a programme initiated by WorldSkills International and the HP Foundation that focuses on addressing social, cultural, economic, health, educational, and environmental problems, and aims to empower the world’s youth to explore, harness, and realize their potential.

The programme includes  a series of online training projects that help participants take the first step towards being thinkers and doers who generate positive social impact. Joining forces with like-minded young people from their communities, groups representing Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, and South Africa have embarked on three phases of the initiative.

Having first identified the issue their BeChangeMaker project is designed to address, what is already happening in this sphere and what approach they will take, stage two saw the groups employ Design Thinking to develop a solution, through creating a prototype, testing their ideas, and then making an online pitch to expert judges on August 31.

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Mismatch of talent and job market demand at the centre of debate at WorldSkills Conference  2017

Why global unemployment remains persistently high, when so many roles are left unfilled, will be the subject of a topical session to be held at the world’s greatest skills competition in October.

At WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 - to be held in the UAE capital 14-19 October - the International Labour Organization (ILO) – a Conference Coalition Partner of WorldSkills International – will host a session on “Jobs and Skills Mismatch”. 

The moderated panel discussion will examine the impact of skills mismatch on labour markets - tackling the role of low quality education, demographic change, rapid technological development, new sources of job creation, newly created forms of work organisation, as well as an examination of policy gaps.

Paul Comyn, Senior Vocational Skills and Development Specialist in the ILO’s Skills branch, said the advent of the fourth industrial revolution mean there must be worldwide changes to prepare for dramatic changes to the way that we learn, live, and work.

"The connectivity of cyber-physical systems is transforming the needs of society and employers — and breaking down the limits of national borders,” he said. "There is a danger that the demand for new skills, to match future industries, may outpace the provision of appropriate training and education. So how should the VET sector respond to the continuous developments of emerging technologies? How should we promote international cooperation? And, what will be the face of skills in an era without borders?”

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Young social entrepreneurs unite to drive positive global change

Skilled youth from around the world are gearing up for an online competition that will see them influence social change on a global level.

Seven teams of budding social entrepreneurs are taking part in the next stage of the BeChangeMaker, a programme for social entrepreneurs focused on addressing social, cultural, economic, health, educational, and environmental problems. To see their projects in development and to vote on your favourite visit BeChangeMaker online.

Initiated by WorldSkills International and the HP Foundation, BeChangeMaker is a series of online training projects that help youth explore their career potential as social entrepreneurs – thinkers and doers who differ from traditional enterprises in that their key focus is to generate positive social impact, rather than simply financial reward.

BeChangeMaker participants have teamed up with other talented and like-minded young people from their communities to co-learn virtually and co-create locally. The groups representing Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, and South Africa will complete three stages within the programme.

They have already completed stage one of the three-step programme, which saw them explore social issues, learn about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and examine case studies highlighting the journeys of other social entrepreneurs. 

Their first assignment was to define the problem their BeChangeMaker project will address, as they were tasked to research what is currently being done to solve it and what their own approach would be. Having defined the problem, the groups have moved on to stage two: applying Design Thinking to identify a solution, create a prototype, and then test their ideas. 

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Build up to WorldSkills Kazan 2019

With WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017 quickly approaching, the team at WorldSkills Kazan 2019 is looking ahead to when they will be the host of the next WorldSkills Competition.

Project planning meetings are underway this week including WorldSkills International Secretariat and members of WorldSkills Russia and ANO "Directorate for Sports and Social Projects".

In his welcoming speech, David Hoey, CEO of WorldSkills International, mentioned the strong bid campaign of Kazan, full of ambitious projects and plans and encouraged the team to aspire to become the best Competition in the history of WorldSkills.

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Colombia's SENA Celebrating 60 Years

The key driver of vocational skills development in Colombia is celebrating 60 years by setting its sights on expanding its mission, and helping to shape the future of the South American nation.

The National Learning Service – known as SENA, an acronym of its Spanish title – was established in 1957 through an agreement between the Colombian government and the country’s private sector and trade unions, and is now its biggest vocational education and training (VET) institution, supporting five million Colombians to learn and hone new skills each year.

A Member of WorldSkills since 2008, SENA boasts 33 offices across Colombia, with 117 training centres in its biggest cities, and has broadened its reach and its impact by establishing 270 mobile classrooms which allow it to provide training and guidance to Colombians living in remote areas and smaller cities. 

Described by Yesid Rusinque, Technical Delegate, as “a keystone in building a new country of peace”, the institution counts members of the FARC guerrilla group among those it helps, to ease their integration into society and provide them with fresh purpose."

“SENA is becoming an important referent for Colombia, as the quality of its training program continues to improve and reaches international standards, and that is mainly because of its status as part of WorldSkills,” explained Mr Rusinque, as the institution marked its diamond anniversary.

“Over the past 60 years, SENA has been increasing its coverage, including across all the key knowledge sectors, and consistently growing among all the departments [territorial subdivisions] of the country, developing training services in all of these departments’ capital cities and most of Colombia’s middle-sized cities, and even reaching small and faraway cities.”

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