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#BeChangeMaker teams start their entrepreneurial adventure

BeChangeMaker 2018 official team selection has been finalized!

A total of 166 teams representing 31 countries applied to take part in our social entrepreneur initiative.  15 teams, that are made up of young people from across each continent, will officially start the programme on 15 June. 

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African Union Launches Digital Skills Drive

Africa is facing a demographic explosion which will see its population double to more than two billion people in the next generation.

To meet that challenge the African Union has partnered with WorldSkills to transform skills across the continent.

At the African Union’s Forum on Youth Skills And Enterprises In The Digital Age in Tunisia, delegates discussed the importance of developing digital skills as a way to create jobs.

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Join the WorldSkills Secretariat

The WorldSkills International Secretariat is hiring! This is a rare and exciting opportunity for two individuals to join the small and dedicated team, which brings you the WorldSkills Competition, the Conference, and so much more.

We are seeking a Director Operations to join the Senior Management Team. The successful applicant to this newly created role will oversee operational activities and provide project management for the planning and the implementation of the WorldSkills Competition, the Conference, and the General Assembly. The deadline for applications is Monday 4 June.

We are also looking for a Manager Infrastructure. This individual will manage all infrastructure requirements for the skills competitions, including identification and specification of materials and equipment, as well as workshop layout and utilities and services required. The deadline for this post is also Monday 4 June.

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Korea strengthen skills training in ten developing countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia

Skills are for sharing.

That’s the message from Korea which has pledged to strengthen skills training in ten developing countries in Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

In April, Human Resources Development Service of Korea, led talks at the Global Institute for Transforming Skills (GIFTS) .

The goal was to create a Capacity Building Partnership for Skills Development. This will see Korea taking part in new skills initiatives in Zambia, Namibia, Mongolia, Costa Rica, and Colombia where there is already a WorldSkills presence, and in Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Azerbaijan which are not WorldSkills Members.

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Meet Caroline Söderqvist of the Champions Trust

As a helicopter technician, Caroline Söderqvist is no stranger when it comes to knowing what it feels like being a woman is a male-dominated field.

Addressing this stereotype is a one of her key objectives as she embraces her role as one of the newest members of the WorldSkills Champions Trust, a collective of young professionals who are helping advocate and promote the WorldSkills message.

“It is not easy being a woman in this kind of male-dominated field, and I’ve encountered some difficulties,” said the 24-year-old from Mjölby, Sweden. "My hope is that the more women people see in these types of fields, the easier it will get for them, and also that it becomes obvious to everyone all over the world that women belong there as well." 

"Part of why I wanted to be a member of the WorldSkills Champions Trust was to set that example. I think promoting and lifting women who are in the business is the best way to make people aware, and make everyone realize that we can do this job as well."

“In this way, I think skills competitions are the best way to display skills. To shine light on them, get people’s attention, and make them aware of these career paths that they otherwise might not even had considered or knew existed. Same thing goes for the more gender specific skills. It shows the world that there are talented women and men working in the different skills, and it might open the eyes of those still holding on to the stereotypes."

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