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By Innove



Shizuoka 2007 will be the first WorldSkills Competition for Estonia as an official Member and Estonia will form their first national team. The Estonian national team will consist of 4 young people, who will compete in 3 skills - Mechatronics, Cooking and Cabinetmaking.

The Estonian national qualification competitions in Mechatronics, Cooking and Cabinetmaking for WorldSkills Competition, Shizuoka 2007 took place in the period of April-May 2007. Each skill had a separate competition and was organised by Foundation for Lifelong Learning Development (Innove) in cooperation with relevant sector federations and VET institutions. The competitions lasted between 2-3 days. In conjunction with the competitions Innove also conducted skills promotion and development seminars for their social partners. The national qualification competitions and the WorldSkills movement have raised public interest resulting in newspapers publicising the activities during the competition.

For every skill the top 2 competitors (team of 2 in Mechatronics) qualified for the continuing preparation competitions which will take place over the summer resulting in the final selection of the national Estonian team heading for Japan in November 2007.

The WorldSkills Competition in Japan 2007 will be a great challenge for the young Estonian competitors; we hope they will perform and excel on the international stage.

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Contributed by: SkillsBelgium

SkillsBelgium is actively preparing for its participation in Shizuoka 2007. Belgium has registered for 18 skills and the selection process to find the best candidates has been in motion since 2006. Several national competitions have already taken place for 10 of the skills. From April 23-27, a national competition was organised at the EFP, one of the most important vocational training centres in Brussels, for 5 skills: confectioner/pastry cook, painting & decoration, wall & floor tiling, joinery, and bricklaying. To reach the national competition, the finalists went through multiple pre-selections which had included more than a hundred candidates. 

The high quality of  work delivered by all these young tradespeople, as well as the excellent cooperation with the EFP, made this event a great success. Two national TV stations even broadcasted these national competitions in their prime time News programs.

With a population of 10 million inhabitants, Belgium is a small country packed with a whole lot of motivation for Shizuoka 2007 in the hope of doing as well or even better than in Helsinki 2005.

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Contributed by: WorldSkills Jamaica

Seated from left are Mr. Kevin Mullings Official Delegate WorldSkills Jamaica, Mr. Donald Foster, Executive Director of the HEART Trust/National Training Agency and Mrs. Grace McLean Technical Delegate WorldSkills Jamaica. In the background is Mr. Gregory Wint, Project Manager WorldSkills Jamaica.

Mr. Donald Foster, Executive Director of the HEART Trust/National Training Agency makes a presentation to the Governor General of Jamaica, His Excellency the Most Honourable Professor Kenneth Hall. The occasion was a courtesy call at Kings House, the Governor General’s official residence. Also in the picture is Ms Pamella Mckenzie, National Programmes Director. 

WorldSkills Jamaica’s Official Delegate Kevin Mullings (1st right) used the opportunity to introduce the Governor General to the WorldSkills concept as well as providing an update on preparations for Jamaica’s participation in the 2007 WorldSkills Shizuoka Japan  competition as well as the next National Skills Competition  scheduled for April 2008.

WorldSkills Jamaica prepares for Jamaica’s National Skills Competition

WorldSkills Jamaica began gearing up for the National Skills Competition (April 23-25, 2008) with a training session for National Skills Managers and Workshop Supervisors on April 25, 2007 at the Jamaica Conference Centre. The Skills Managers and Workshop Supervisors will oversee the competition in each skill category.

Chair of the session Ms Fay Sukhu of the Vocational Training Development Institute charged participants to focus on the series of training workshops and to infuse the culture of WorldSkills into the Jamaican Vocational Educational and Training (VET) system.

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Contributed by: CroatiaSkills

CroatiaSkills are very proud to have organised one of the biggest national skills competitions in this part of the world. The 1st CroatiaSkills Zagreb 2007, was held in Zagreb (Croatia) on 20-21st April 2007.

50,000 spectators visited the Zagreb Fair (Pavilion 1- 14400 m2) in order to see today's vocational training in action. The Competition was successful and the atmosphere was cheerful with over 810 youngsters competing in 38 different skills. In every skill the best three competitors were awarded with medals. The Croatian Team will compete in 4 skills in Shizuoka, Japan in November 2007.


WSI Certificate of Merit – Mr Krešimir Rašan (Croatia)

WSI Certificate of Merit was presented to Mr. Krešimir Rašan, M.S. and Assistant to Minister of Ministry of Science, Education and Sports by Davor Dinter, President of CroatiaSkills.

Rotterdam – 15 March 2007 – Strategy Committee 

“WorldSkills International is pleased to present you with a Certificate of Merit in recognition of your outstanding contribution towards the establishment and development of CroatiaSkills as the WorldSkills International Member for Croatia, and in appreciation of your time, enthusiasm and commitment in the development of skills recognition and promotion within Croatia.”

Mr. Davor Dinter, president of CroatiaSkills presented the Certificate of Merit to Mr Krešimir Rašan during the Opening Ceremonies of the 1st CroatiaSkills Zagreb 2007. Mr Krešimir Rašan M.S. & Assistant of Minister of Ministry of Science Education and Sports dedicated the Certificate of Merit to his late father.

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The taste of success

WorldSkills International President, Tjerk Dusseldorp congratulates Nicolas Drouin

Nicolas Drouin, Cooking

At fourteen years of age, Nicolas Drouin started to work as a dishwasher at the Saint-Amour restaurant of Québec, Canada, one of the great tables of the  "Vieille Capitale". "It gave me a taste for it," as he said.

Today, Nicolas is part of a team of chefs in the same restaurant where he worked 2 days a week in preparation for the 2007 WorldSkills Competition in Shizuoka, Japan. In his free days, he went to the Cooking Lab of Hydro-Québec de l'École hôtelière under the attentive supervision of Marlène Gagnon, his coach, and other chefs from this school who are accustomed to training champions.

Nicolas chose to participate in this contest for the challenge and also to surpass himself in his work. According to him his strengths are his workmanship and his attention to detail. He is very quick and in control of what he does.

Finally all the efforts and preparation of this young man of 20 years of age have delivered the fruits of his labour. As a matter of fact, Nicolas is coming back from Japan with his hands full. Not only did he win the gold medal in Cooking, but he was also awarded the prize of the Best of Nation for Canada. More over, Nicolas was recognized with the Albert Vidal Award for the best score amongst all Competitors in all skill categories from all countries/regions.