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The 39th WorldSkills Competition is officially over. The medals, awards and certificates have all been given out and the Competitors be returning to their home country shortly. The Closing Ceremony was a wonderful display of energy and excitement. All 47 skill categories announced their champions, followed by the Best of Nation announcements and finally the Albert Vidal Award was presented.

The Albert Vidal Award was achieved by Nicolas Drouin from Canada who participated in Cooking. This Award is named after the founder of WorldSkills International from Spain. During thirty-one Skill Olympics, Francisco Albert-Vidal was responsible for the achievement of the original goals in a changing world: 33 years as an untiring promoter in his position as Secretary General and seven years as President of the International Organisation constantly presenting new ideas. The Vocational Training Competitions became his life's work and the International Organisation was shaped into what it is today. In memory of Albert Vidal, the Award signifies the Competitor that achieves the highest score out of all the Competitors.

All WorldSkills International Members are returning home having had a great experience, having learned a lot of new things about their skill and having made connections, memories, and friendships to last them a lifetime.

The Farewell Party, also hosted by Numazu City, afterwards for all the participants was extremely well attended and enjoyed by all.



The last day of the WorldSkills Competition is here! Months and sometimes years of training are all leading up to this day. Competitors have to strategise carefully to ensure that they meet their goals. The pressure is high and the concentration is intense. Walking throughout the Competition site, you can see the focus written all over the faces of the Competitors. They are working hard to finish their projects but equally hard to keep their calm.

Visitors continue to flood the Competition site, it is a sea of people everywhere. Raising the awareness of the skills and the WorldSkills movement has been a huge success in Numazu. Visitors from around the world and from Japan are all captivated at the magnitude of the Competition and the level of skill the Competitors hold.

Numazu City has hosted thousands of people at their festival by the lake near the WorldSkills Competition site. It has been a wonderful place for local hospitality. Visitors have been able to sample the traditional food, music, culture and crafts.

All sights are turning towards the Closing Ceremony on November 21.

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With tens of thousands of visitors each day of the Competition, the WorldSkills Competition has been extremely well attended. There are thousands of people wandering the Halls and the grounds of the Competition site. Spectators were perched at the side of each skill area tentatively watching the Competitors at work. Web cameras on each Competitor helped the spectators get up close and personal with the Competitors to truly witness and understand the complexity of the projects and tasks that were being worked on.

Over 500 media are registered from domestic and international media outlets making the coverage of the WorldSkills Competition worldwide. The WorldSkills online Media Centre is expanding at a phenomenal rate as photographers from around the world upload photos onto the website. Interviews are being hosted throughout the site and broadcasts around the world are being conducted everywhere you look.

The Competitors have reached the half way mark in the Competition. They are busily working to stay on schedule and keep their focus. As the crowds grow and the pressure increases, the Competitors have to test their ability to remain on task. As Day 3 of the Competition comes and goes, the Competitors quickly realize that they only have one more day mto realize their goals. The key is to remain calm and concentrated.

Good luck to all the Competitors on Day 4!

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Day 2 of the WorldSkills Competition started with visits from very special guests. The Crown Prince of Japan visited several of the skills in the morning, talking to and watched the Competitors in action. There was an arranged time for him with various Workshop Supervisors. At the other side of the Competition site, 130 VIP leaders from over 15 countries representing government, education, training, industry and organisations arrived to see the Competition for the first time. They were lead in small groups throughout the site by Executive Board members, past WorldSkills Champions, Global Sponsor Partners and dedicated volunteers.

The guided tour ended at the WorldSkills Leaders Forum. The Vice Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture gave a warm welcome to the VIPs where he expressed the Shizuoka Prefecture's excitement and gratitude for hosting the WorldSkills Competition and International Abilympics. With 200 leaders in attendance Dr. Ji Oh Song gave a dynamic and interactive keynote presentation on Samsung Electronics. All the VIPs were captivated by Dr. Song's message.

Meanwhile, the Competitors continued to work away on their test projects throughout the day. With thousands of school children and general public, the Competition site was a thriving place of activities. Everyone expressed their amazement over the magnitude of the Competition. Mt. Fuji has also been gracing us with her presence and provides the prefect back drop to the Competition site. 



Day 1 of the 39th WorldSkills Competition kicked of yesterday. For the first time, the Competitors, Experts, Delegates, Observers, and visitors were together onsite. Over 810 Competitors from 47 countries are represented in 47 skills. There are 17 Halls spread over a large area in Numazu City. With fresh flowers and bright signage throughout the Competition site, Japan once again shows a warm welcome to all.

The Competitors started their briefing in their Competition workshops at 9:00am. Media and visitors are anxiously waiting to get their first glance of the Competitors in action and finally entered the Competition Halls for the first time at 10:00am.

The schedule included finalising the test projects in all of the skills so the Competitors were busy going over blueprints, details and layouts for their skill. They had to set a personal plan to make sure that they accomplish their goal of completing the test project. The test projects have been developed by the Experts in their skill over months and months of preparation.

The Competitors have been practicing and training to prefect their skills the last several months, and today it finally starts. Once the Experts arrived onsite, they worked together to change 30% of the test projects so that the Competitors will have new and different twists in their test projects.

The WorldSkills Competition has begun!

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