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WorldSkills International (WSI) visited Calgary, Alberta, Canada to get a progress report on the preparations for the 40th WorldSkills Competition which is coming to Calgary in September of 2009. Accompanied by six of their seven Global Partners, WSI was delighted to see that Calgary is right on track to host the biggest skills competition in the world. Jack Dusseldorp, President of WorldSkills International delivered an inspiring speech about the importance of the WorldSkills movement and how Calgary is going to bring the WorldSkills Champions to the world stage.

Tjerk Dusseldorp

"WorldSkills Calgary 2009 will be a celebration for skills success and a clarion call to countries everywhere to engage their young people in skilled futures. The WorldSkills International Executive Board is here to sign off on whether Calgary is ready to host WorldSkills Calgary 2009. The answer is simple, it is a resounding YES! Calgary is all set to go," said Jack Dusseldorp, President of WSI.

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Menno Vanderlist, a Silver medallist from Team Canada 2005 for IT/PC Network Support and the Best of Nation award recipient in Helsinki, Finland attended the media conference.

Menno Vanderlist "Competing in these environments, gives you the chance to meet people you'd normally never meet; you get to see other skills and trades exposed; seeing in action the people that keep the world running. As a competitor you don't have time to second guess what you're doing; you have to do it right the first time. I am proud to say that WorldSkills and Skills Canada helped shape my future; allowing me to compete where excellence is the standard - forcing me to think outside the box," remarked Menno Vanderlist.

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The WorldSkills movement and inspiring of the young Champions would not be possible without the seven Global Partners: Autodesk, Cisco Systems, Draka, Festo, Fluke, Fluke Networks, and Samsung Electronics. David Green, Chairman of the Global Partner Team for WSI, was present to express the importance of developing the skilled workforce through competition environments.

David Green "The next couple of years are going to be critical in skills and workforce development. This time around WorldSkills Calgary 2009 gives us Global Partners an opportunity to work with and support WorldSkills and WorldSkills Calgary 2009 teams and work towards a milestone to check on how we are all doing in addressing these issues and in particular showing the world what the young people and future skilled professionals are doing... and that the future truly is in good hands. There is no economy without skilled workers," says Mr. Green.

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Nearly 1,000 competitors representing 50 member countries/regions are expected to compete in 48 skills and technology based events from September 1-6, 2009.

Guy Mallabone, Chairman of the WorldSkills Calgary 2009 Board of Directors noted,

Guy Mallabone "leading international corporations and "Captains of Industry" are supporting the WorldSkills International movement. Together, collaboratively, along with the WorldSkills International organisation, we are bringing human capital solutions to the international community, and to our own back yard here in Calgary, Alberta, and Canada. WorldSkills Calgary 2009 will help change perceptions - and reinforce the pride in a career in the skills trades and technology fields.

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By Mikaeli Costello

NJ_0.jpg Sweden and the United Kingdom might both form part of the European Community, but for 2003 WorldSkills Champion, Nigel Dunlop, life in Oskarshamn, nestled in Sweden's south, is a world apart from his hometown in Northern Ireland. For starters, he no longer jumps in his car and listens to the radio as he travels to work, instead he mounts his bicycle and pedals 10 minutes in near-freezing temperatures to begin his day as an Electrician at DynaMate.

DynaMate, owned by Swedish commercial truck and bus company, Scania, specialises in production and facilities maintenance for industrial customers in Sweden and is Oskarshamn's largest employer - boasting more than 2000 employees. It has a further two plants in the middle and northern parts of Sweden.

Nigel, a Mechatronics Champion, has a strong background in both electrical and mechanical engineering and has spent the last few years building on his engineering skills. Part of his compulsion to take part in the WorldSkills Champions Exchange program was to expand on his electrical skills, a challenge he's so committed to he's even been working overtime to learn as much as he possibly can during his six-month placement.

‘As I'm becoming more familiar with my new workplace, I'm wanting to learn more about the electrical aspects of skill and really take advantage of the opportunities at DynaMate. I've been going in on Saturdays to help out a colleague, so I can watch, learn from and assist him as much as possible.'

During the past few months Nigel has been making the most of opportunities to integrate with locals in the small Swedish town. He's joined the company gym, started playing badminton and found himself a big fan of ice hockey, attending all of his local team's ‘home' games.

And like any foreigner living in a new country, Nigel too has encountered his share of challenges.

‘I started a language course in December to help me with my Swedish, and as most of the machines technical descriptions are in Swedish, it's taken some time to get my head around things. It's certainly a challenge, but all my co- workers speak very good English and are always on-hand to help out when I need it.'

And so, what's in store for Nigel at the end of his 6 month placement?

‘Knowing what a great opportunity I've been given here in Sweden, and now that I've taken the first step in my global career, I can't see myself returning back to Northern Ireland any time soon. I'm talking with DynaMate about extending my contract, perhaps working in another of their plants... or I might even try another country. Anything's possible at this stage.'

For more information please about the WorldSkills Champions Exchange program, contact the WorldSkills Champions Exchange Coordinator:

By WorldSkills International


Representatives of WSI Members from Korea and India, along with representatives from Global Sponsor Partner SAMSUNG, and two WSI Executive Board members were hosted recently by the Confederation of Indian Industries in New Delhi.

The purpose of the meeting, chaired by WSI President Jack Dusseldorp, was to develop an innovative skills partnership to generate benefits not only for Korea and India, but also for the wider WSI membership, particularly in the Asian region.

The initiative responds to one of the goals in the WorldSkills Action Plan, adopted in Shizuoka, to develop training and learning resources and support that help achieve WSI's mission to promote skills across the world.

Korea is one of WSI's longest standing Members with one of the strongest performance records. Many Korean champions further enhance their skill level by working for SAMSUNG.  As a WSI global sponsor, SAMSUNG will support the partnership initiative through sharing the expertise of its medallist employees as well as covering on-line training development costs associated with the partnership. HRD Korea is also keen to share its skills competition 'know how' by providing access to its training programs and standards as well as management training for those individuals in India and other Asian countries who are responsible for organising skills competitions.

KR_IN_1.jpg Students at a vocational institute visited by the Korean delegation.

Through one of the SAMSUNG associated companies, Credu - a provider of e-learning expertise and materials to companies and institutions around the world - a proposal was made to collaborate with Skills India to develop and pilot 2 or 3 high performance e-learning modules featuring Korean skill champions and piloting them in the Indian VET system to see whether they effectively transmit WSI performance standards in key manufacturing and service sector skills across different cultures.

India, with its highly developed IT skills and familiarity with e-learning systems, was seen to be an ideal testing ground to see whether "hands on" skills could be effectively enhanced utilising the latest IT interactive technology, along with face to face instruction, to a range of ability groups in a trial of some 1,000 students.

If the approach proves to be successful, it is proposed to expand the skills e-learning system for use by all members through the WSI website.

For its part, the Confederation of Indian Industry plans to establish a WorldSkills Learning Centre as a dissemination hub for skill standards with support from international and national sponsors. This will be the first such centre to be created under the WorldSkills banner anywhere in the world.

Speaking after the meeting, President Dusseldorp said, 

"The combination of an E-Learning Skills initiative backed by SAMSUNG, and the first WorldSkills Learning Centre to be set up here in India by CII will make a huge contribution to our shared goal to bring high skill performance standards to young people who currently don't have access to them. This partnership initiative underscores the value of WorldSkills as global network of individuals, agencies and companies committed to shared success in skills and prosperity." 


ISF_1.jpgMore than 41,000 primary, junior and senior high school students and 23,000 students from Shizuoka prefecture had the opportunity to experience first hand knowledge of so many professional skills. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the students to find out about so many skills and trades in one location. The WorldSkills Competition improved the image of vocational training, skills and trades through committed Competitors and Experts.

The WorldSkills Competition in Shizuoka provided activities and exchange for international friendship, by making the Competitors Village a reality and by providing the unique ‘One School One Country' program.  WSC2007 was the most magnificent event ever held in Shizuoka, considering the time duration and the number of participants and visitors. Hotels and facilities in Shizuoka implemented Universal Design for accessible, comfortable and safe use by everyone. 

The media encouraged the public awareness by highlighting the young Champions and their professional skills. National media (NHK) broadcasted the profile of the 39th WorldSkills Competition in a 60 minute special TV program in December 2007 and another 90 minute live TV program on the ‘Coming of Age Day', January 14 2008. It was an eye opener for the young public and it also reached out to business people. Shizuoka Prefecture and its surrounding cities have become well known in the whole world.

For more information please contact: Mitsy Kawakami, JOCISF

39th WorldSkills Competition - Shizuoka, Japan 2007 - Final Report:

WSC2007 Final Report EN Final Report EN, DE, FR, JP
WSC2007 Final Report Video Highlights Video Highlights


With the buzz of the WorldSkills Competition etched fondly in our memory, September 2008 brings another exciting opportunity for WorldSkills Champions to reunite, reminisce and share their thoughts on the WorldSkills Competition at the 2008 WorldSkills Youth Forum.

Aside from sharing more good times, constructive discussion & feedback and creative thoughts, WorldSkills Champions will also enjoy an exciting social program which includes exploring the beautiful sights and sounds of Vienna, Austria alongside the WorldSkills General Assembly.

On hand to give a sneak preview of some of Vienna's greatest attractions is WorldSkills Champions Exchange representative and Youth Forum Assistant Co- ordinator from Austria, Cornelia Imser (Beauty Therapy):

2009_cornelia.jpg "I am looking forward to helping WorldSkills Champions join together, have fun and exchange valuable information about our skills, work and passions, and I will also enjoy sharing some of Austria's history and beautiful landmarks with the 2008 Youth Forum group."

"My favourite site in Austria is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Schönbrunn Palace . Why? With spectacular gardens and parks, you will experience a magnificent world of Baroque culture. Inside the palace you'll learn all sorts of interesting facts about the imperial family and afterwards you can enjoy a relaxing stroll around the gardens. I would recommend that anyone who visits Vienna should visit Schönbrunn."

More information about the 2008 WorldSkills Youth Forum program, costs and workshops will be available by April. For more information please contact Christine Scoot survey