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BeChangeMaker: Social Entrepreneur Training

“The one single factor that determines society’s success is the percentage of Change Maker within it,” Bill Drayton, social entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Ashoka.

Have you ever dreamed of making a difference, bringing positive impact to your community or the world? Are you a Change Maker? No matter if it is big or small, every effort counts and you can start by developing your career as a social entrepreneur who sees problems as opportunities to drive positive changes.

Initiated by WorldSkills and the HP Foundation, BeChangeMaker is a series of online social entrepreneurial training projects that help youth with skills and great ideas explore their career potential as a social entrepreneur.

Join us now and BeChangeMaker! Application will close on 28 February. More information at 

Road to WorldSkills: Ryley from Canada

Leading up to WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017, representatives of the WorldSkills Champions Trust will be interviewing future Competitors to see how their training journey is going, what they are excited about, and also what advice they would like from Champions.

In this first instalment, Ryley, an Industrial Control Competitor from Canada, and Peter, his Expert, discuss the benefits of international experience and how training works in Canada. Listen to the podcast.

The Champions Trust raises engagement with WorldSkills Champions to promote involvement in WorldSkills projects, initiatives, and activities.


Happy New Year from WorldSkills

As we look ahead to 2017, we are inspired by the continued growth of the WorldSkills movement around the globe. We are tremendously grateful to our Members and partners who are committed to improving the world with the power of skills.

Throughout 2016, Vision 2025 took shape, starting with development meetings in Brussels, Singapore, and Washington D.C., along with discussions at General Assembly Niagara Falls 2016 where it was unanimously adopted. General Assembly 2016, was the largest to date, offering Members, partners, and Champions a tremendous experience thanks to co-hosts Skills/Compétences Canada and SkillsUSA.   

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Global Partners Recognized For Their Contributions To WorldSkills

During the General Assembly 2016 in Niagara Falls, Canada, six Global Partner representatives were recognized for their contributions as advocates of the WorldSkills movement. Each has advanced their industry’s connection to develop skilled careers around the globe and inspired youth to pursue excellence.

Honorary Associate recognitions were awarded to David Green from Fluke, Bob Schoenherr from Cisco, Martin Williams from Festo, Patrick Atkinson from Saint-Gobain, and Laura London from Autodesk. Each contributed to the deepening of support of their organization to the WorldSkills movement. 

Dr. Ji-oh Song from Samsung was presented with the first WorldSkills Honorary Fellowship, recognizing his exceptional commitment and valuable contributions to building a strong and long-lasting partnership with WorldSkills. Dr. Song’s vision for how the world is improved through the power of skills has made him a steadfast and visionary leader within the WorldSkills community for more than a decade. 

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Skills Development in Africa

20 December 2016

Skills Development in Africa

Representatives of the WorldSkills community met during General Assembly 2016 for the first Skills Development in Africa meeting.  

As part of WorldSkills Vision 2025, Africa is an important region where WorldSkills works with Members, Global Partners, and other international development organizations on increasing the access and improving the quality of skills development for youth.  

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