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WorldSkills is showcasing the value of skills and raising the recognition of skilled professionals worldwide.

Skills are the foundation of modern life. Everything, from the houses we live in to the societies we create, is the result of skills. They are the driving force behind successful careers and companies, thriving industries and economies. Skills keep the world working.

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WorldSkills São Paulo 2015

11-16 August 2015

WorldSkills São Paulo 2015
11-16 August 2015

45th National Skills Competition
16-18 September 2015

Worldskills Malaysia National Competition
17-21 October 2015

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Celebrate the winners of the World Youth Skills Day 2015 campaign

The inaugural World Youth Skills Day was celebrated on 15 July, 2015 with fanfare around the world. Along with various national and regional skill organizations, as well as governmental and non-governmental agencies, WorldSkills was proud to celebrate the first-ever day dedicated to focusing global attention on the relevance and critical importance of skills and youth development as a tool to benefit economies and societies. 

WorldSkills launched a campaign lead by Simon Bartley, President of WorldSkills, on 15 July, 2015. In his video message, Simon called on the WorldSkills community to share a “Day in the Life” of a Competitor or a young skilled professional. We are pleased to present a selection of the wonderful entries we received; view them on YouTube or at the end of this page. Thank you to all the WorldSkills community who joined us in this celebration.

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