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SAMSUNG is a proud sponsor of sports events around the world. Our philosophy focuses on camaraderie, achievement, and unity by supporting individuals and teams from all across the globe. 

The digital age has brought revolutionary opportunities and changes to global business. At SAMSUNG, we see every challenge as an opportunity, and believe that we are perfectly positioned to be one of the world's recognized leaders in digital technology.

Our commitment to being "World's Best" has won us the number one global market share for thirteen of our products. Our target is to have thirty of our products rated "number one in world products" by 2005, adding digital TVs, IMT 2000, and printers to our current list of world market leaders: semiconductors, TFT-LCDs, monitors and CDMA mobile phones.

Always a step ahead, we're making historic advances in research and development of our overall semiconductor line, including flash memory and non-memory, custom semiconductors, DRAM and SRAM. An example of this is SAMSUNG Electronics, which remains one of the world's "top 10" in US patents for four consecutive years, with 13,000 researchers representing a US$ 1.7 billion investment in Research and Development.

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