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Benefits of Worldskills Membership


WorldSkills showcases the value of skills and raises the recognition of skilled professionals worldwide.

Skills are the foundation of modern life. Everything, from the houses we live in, to the societies we create, is the result of skills. They are the driving force behind successful careers and companies, thriving industries, and economies. Skills keep the world working.

The world’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) leaders unite as Members and partners of WorldSkills to advance skills promotion within their own country and region, and around the world.

Membership in WorldSkills offers access to impressive activities, programmes, and forums, that have evolved over 65 years to reflect best practices and excellence in skills development and promotion.


WorldSkills is not just a Competition, it is a movement. WorldSkills is the global hub for skills excellence and development with ongoing activities nationally, regionally, and globally. As a Member of WorldSkills you will join a global movement dedicated to promoting the benefits of skills training, and you will have access to resources, activities, and events across our six Focus Areas: 


  • Gain access to the world’s leading network of organizations promoting skills training.
  • Learn best practices about how other countries and regions are attracting young people to skilled careers.
  • Adopt the WorldSkills brand, which is recognized by partners and stakeholders who are committed to skill development around the world.
  • Use WorldSkills initiatives to accelerate your promotion of skills and become champions within your own country/region of the WorldSkills brand
  • Access and usage rights to WorldSkills intellectual property, resources, photos, videos, social media, marketing, and communications tools.


  • Inspire and attract the new generation of skilled professionals to discover the relevance and importance of skills.
  • Invest in the development of skills excellence in Champions, as an example of the opportunities available to skilled individuals.
  • Use local and national competitions as the stepping stone to a once-in-a-lifetime experience for young skilled professionals to represent their country/region on the world-stage.
  • Connect the youth of your country/region to initiatives that create global citizens, and provide a platform to apply their talents and skills to create social impact. 


  • Gain knowledge on training systems and practices around the world, to develop new and innovative ways of teaching in-demand skills.
  • Access to the WorldSkills Standard Specifications, which offer industry best practice what a capable practitioner must know, understand, and do.
  • Individual Experts connected to each skill gain access to an international community of authorities in their field, accelerating their understanding of global trends in education and industry.


  • Gain tools to demonstrate the importance of skills training for economic development.
  • Join an existing community that is interested in supporting new and developing Members.
  • Regular events, conferences, and programmes, that accelerate Members connection to the global VET community and thought leaders, identifying emerging trends in skills development.
  • Connections to the world’s largest network of VET leaders. 


  • Connection to information, facts, figures, and news on skills of today and the future.
  • Access to research on skills competitions, as a proven model of strengthening national skills development.
  • Regular benchmarking of skills required by professionals within more than 50 skill competitions.
  • Analysis of emerging professions and skills of the future.


  • Connection, as a peer, to the largest network of organizers of skills competitions in the world.
  • Platform to showcase the young skilled professionals of your country/region on the global stage to compare the skills being taught in your country/region against the highest global benchmark.
  • Accelerate the establishment of local competitions by utilizing WorldSkills’ competition projects, infrastructure lists, and judging criteria, in order to enhance your own national system.
  • Access to state of the art tools to host local competitions.


Our Members, Champions, and Global Partners benefit from the strength of a global community that is focused on improving our world through the power of skills. Their testimonials demonstrate how WorldSkills has raised their ability to promote skills development.

“Joining WorldSkills International has enabled the Republic of Belarus to continuously improve our Vocational Training System, based on international standards. We raised the social image and attractiveness of occupations improving enrolment of talented youth in VET programs. We have also seen an increase in the engagement of Belarusian enterprises as proactive participants of the educational process”

Eduard Kalitski, First Vice Rector of the EI “Republican Institute for Vocational Education” and Official Delegate for Belarus.


“WorldSkills is a platform for greatness. WorldSkills is a match that ignites the flame of inspiration and motivation. WorldSkills is a powerful movement aiming to change the world for the better through the power of skills. Most of all, WorldSkills is a family and a community.”

Jenica Branscombe, WorldSkills Champion, Canada, competed in Beauty Therapy (WorldSkills London 2011), Representative of the WorldSkills Champion Trust.


“We have experienced that the WorldSkills movement is one of the best platforms to link the small organizations and individual entrepreneurs at the very lowest level of education to the most educated professionals. Becoming a Member of WorldSkills has given us the opportunity to jump-start ‘factor endowment’ in our economy. When countries benchmark WorldSkills standards, they see their potential very clearly and can begin to re-position themselves to explore markets for provision of goods and services to global markets. Joining WorldSkills has given Zambia a smarter platform to attract the private sector to support the skills excellence movement and College Education System, and has improved the synergy levels among Government Agencies for many economic sectors.

Personally I have experienced the spirit of volunteerism and fairness as real values of the WorldSkills. It is not just written there in the values but they do practice these very important values.”

Francis Mwape, CEO WorldSkills Zambia and Technical Delegate for Zambia.


WorldSkills, as a true global hub of skills, offers its partners the ability to come together to collaborate on issues that have a global impact on education.  Its unique position ensures that not only can we pro-actively engage with other partners and Members, but learn from the great work that others are doing around the globe, and international trends in the field of VET, so that we truly raise both the level, and recognition of skills on a global basis.

Matt Bell, Global Strategic Partnerships Manager, Autodesk Education.


“For Colombia, being part of WorldSkills has been very important. By participating in the international competitions, we have the opportunity to learn about the world’s best practices, and were able to introduce new technologies that help to improve the productivity and efficiency of the companies in Colombia.

As a result of our participation in the international competitions, we have been able to make a diagnosis of the VET process in Colombia; finding gaps in knowledge, technology, and curriculums. That was our starting point to develop a strategic plan for the future, which helped us to update the curriculums, to develop new training processes for our instructors, and to buy new technology to strengthen the training environments across the country.”

Yesid Rusinque, Advisor on the Vocational Education and Training Department of SENA, and Technical Delegate for Colombia.


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