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Member Organization

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Council
Hastings House West
Balmoral Gap
BB 14033 Christ Church

Joined WorldSkills International in 2011.

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Contact person

Dario Walcott
Henderson Eastmond

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WSC2017 Skill33 SPP5 3327

WSC2017 Skill33 SPP5 3041

WSC2017 skill34 SPP3 0398

WSC2017 skill34 SPP3 0397

WSC2017 skill34 SPP3 0394

WSC2017 Skill29 SPP7 0281

WSC2017 Skill29 SPP7 0279

WSC2017 Skill34 SPP3 8630

WSC2017 Skill34 SPP3 8628

WSC2017 Skill34 SPP3 8627

WSC2017  SKILL29 SPP7 5136

WSC2017  SKILL29 SPP7 5135

WSC2017  SKILL29 SPP7 5136

WSC2017  SKILL29 SPP7 5135

WSC2017  SKILL31 SPP7 0010

WSC2017  SKILL31 SPP7 0004

WSC2017  SKILL31 SPP7 0002

WSC2017 Skill29 SPP7 6238

WSC2017 Skill29 SPP7 6236

WSC2017 Skill29 SPP7 6234

WSC2017 Skill31 SPP7 5629

WSC2017 Skill31 SPP7 5628

WSC2017 Skill31 SPP7 5626

WSC2017 Skill29 SPP7 5701

WSC2017 Skill29 SPP7 5699

WSC2017 Skill29 SPP7 5698

WSC2017  SKILL34 SPP3 6390

WSC2017  SKILL34 SPP3 6384

WSC2017  SKILL34 SPP3 6383

WSC2017  SKILL34 SPP3 6380